6th Yakutsk international film festival
Yakutsk city

Yakutsk international film festival has been held since 2013 in order to develop cultural exchange, creative cooperation between filmmakers around the world and promote the image of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The YIFF is supported by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and the Union of cinematographers of Russia. The main idea of the festival is the integration of Yakut cinema into the modern world film industry. The festival focuses on the theme of national culture in the modern world, a difficult way to identify a person and integrate traditions into the global context. The program of the festival includes a main competition, documentary films competition, non-competition and special screenings, educational and business programs.

The Yakut international film festival is one of the key events in the cultural and social life of Yakutia. The emblem and the main prize of YIFF are snow glasses. The main prize is made of silver interspersed with zirconias in the form of the constellation of the big dipper, the North star in the constellation is made of diamond. As part of the festival for guests and participants organized an extensive cultural program — a visit to the world’s only Museum of the Institute of permafrost, the mammoth Museum, the Kingdom of permafrost, the Treasury of Yakutia.


    Some laugh at the Yakut cinema, some seriously admire them, but most simply do not know that somewhere on the edge of the earth in the permafrost zone for more than twenty years there is a continuous shooting process.

  • 1TV.RU

    The local flavor, the Yakut language, their actors and their audience. From training camps in the Republic of distributors hair stand on end. Local full meter spoils the plans of the Hollywood tycoons.

  • vedomosti

    ....The phenomenon of the Yakut cinematograph, a true miracle for the sake of which really worth to go to distant lands...