The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is the largest subject of the Russian Federation, which occupies about a fifth of the country. Almost half of the Republic lies within the Arctic circle. Yakutia is considered the main Treasury of Russia, there are more than 1.5 thousand mineral deposits and more than 5,000 manifestations of various types of mineral raw materials. Yakutsk deposits provide a quarter of the world’s diamond production.

The vast territory of the Yakut pristine nature, archaeological, paleontological, geological, and cultural sites help to develop sporting, environmental, educational and adventure tourism. The most popular tourist areas of Yakutia are the Lena river with its tributaries and Delta, the Zapolyarye river. While traveling along the Lena river you can observe a real miracle of nature – a complex of vertically elongated rocks, stretching for many kilometers. At all times, this natural formation caused reverent awe among people, from ancient times Yakuts and Evenks revered this place as sacred. In 2012, Lena pillars are included in the UNESCO world heritage list as one of the amazing places of the planet with an ideal ecosystem untouched by man.