RULES AND REGULATIONS of the 6th Yakutsk International Film Festival September 5th–9th, 2018


In order to facilitate cultural exchange, to foster creative collaborations between filmmakers from around the globe, and to promote the image of the Sakha Republic worldwide, the city of Yakutsk will host, from September 5th–9th, 2018, the 6th Yakutsk International Film Festival (YIFF henceforth). The festival focuses its attention on the role and place of national cultures in the modern world and the search for national and cultural identity in today’s global context.


YIFF is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Spiritual Development of the Sakha Republic, with the generous support of the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Filmmakers Guild of the Russian Federation.


The festival program includes:

  • Main Competition (feature films);
    Documentary Competition;
    The Yakut sidebar, with an audience award given to the winner;
    Out-of-competition and special screenings (feature films, documentaries, and animation);
    Press conferences;
    Round tables;
    Q&A sessions with festival guests.


In order to submit a film to the YIFF filmmaker should fill out the entry form on the site of the festival and follow the link to one of online platforms for registration and completion of submission process. A film can be submitted to the YIFF only through the following international submission platforms:;;

Film selection is carried out by the Selection Committee of the YIFF.

The submission deadline is on the 1st of August.

The main competition of YIFF requires full-length films, each over 60 min. long and made after January 1, 2017. Preference is given to films that touch upon the subject of national culture in the modern world.

The documentary competition of YIFF requires films, each over 26 min. long and made after January 1, 2017.

The preference is given to films that touch upon the interaction between a man and the nature, their conflict and cooperation. The contradiction between local culture and global world is also in the centre of attention.

The full festival program is approved by the Direction of the YIFF.

Each film can be shown three times during the festival.


The main competition of YIFF consists of no fewer than seven feature-length films, each over 60 min. long.

The documentary competition consists of no fewer than seven films, each over 26 min. long.

Copies of films submitted for either competition have to be presented in the original language with English and/or Russian subtitles.

The YIFF Committee must receive the copies of all entries no later than August 20th, 2018.


Other programs accept submissions either in HD or in DCP, in the original language of production with English or Russian subtitles. All entries for the festival’s other programs should be submitted for consideration no later than August 20th, 2018.


All the conditions and deadlines are non-negotiable. Otherwise, the YIFF Committee reserves the right to exclude any entry from the festival program.


Once acceptance of a film to the program is confirmed, YIFF should receive the following documents:

– A dialogue list in Russian and English;
– Catalogue materials (in addition to the information from the entry form): the filmmaker’s short bio, list of previous works, photos, and awards; stills from the film and a poster;
– A trailer for the film.


All expenses related to shipping the competition titles to Yakutsk and back are to be borne by the applicant. The Committee assumes all the expenses for storage and insurance during the festival.

In some cases, pending Committee approval, the copyright holders may deliver their film to YIFF in person, thereby assuming responsibility for delivery and safekeeping.


All issues related to invitations, duration and conditions of stay, and accreditation are handled by the YIFF Committee.

A film’s acceptance into the competition stipulates the personal presence of at least one of its representatives.

The YIFF Committee covers the following expenses: travel from Moscow to Yakutsk and back, and accommodations for the duration of the festival for competition titles.

Other guests’ conditions of stay are negotiated on an individual basis in their personal invitations.

All the accreditation applications must be submitted before the official deadline set by the YIFF Committee.


An International Jury is formed to evaluate competition titles.

The YIFF Committee covers travel expenses for each member of the jury.

Any person involved in the production or distribution of any title in his or her respective competition is barred from jury service.


The jury awards the following prizes, Snow Goggles:

Main Competition:

Gold Snow Goggles:
– Best Picture;
– Best Director.

Silver Snow Goggles:
– Two special jury prizes – (the name is determined by the jury annually; the prizes are awarded based on the jury’s decision).

Documentary Competition:

Gold Snow Goggles:
– Best Picture;
– Best Director.

Silver Snow Goggles:
– Two special jury prizes – (the name is determined by the jury annually; the prizes are awarded based on the jury’s decision).

The Audience Award for the best Yakut film released between September 2017 and August 2018 is given to the winners of an online vote (  in the following categories:

Golden Snow Goggles:
– Best Yakut Picture;

Silver Snow Goggles:
– Best Yakut Actress;
– Best Yakut Actor.

The Board of the Sakha Filmmakers Union awards its own prize named after the cameraman Innokenty Ammosov. These Silver Goggles are awarded for the best cinematography.

YIFF also awards prizes from state and non-profit organizations and personal prizes.

The winners are expected to be present at the award ceremonies.


Participation in the festival stipulates compliance with all the articles of these Rules and Regulations. If any disputes arise, they are to be settled based on the Russian text of the present Rules and Regulations.


The YIFF Committee Address:
677011, Russian Federation,
The Republic of Sakha Yakutia,
Yakutsk, Lenin Ave. 30, Office 303,
Tel.: +7(4112) 506-324,