YIFF, 2013


Russian scriptwriter, artist, film director, actor, honored artist of RSFSR. Holder of: Fellini Award for the Best European Scenario, Youth Jury Award at International Film Festival “Europe Cinema”, Ennio Flaiano Award “Silver Pegasus” for the Best Foreign Scenario, For Contribution to Comedy Award at Russian Comedy Films Festival “Smile, Russia!”. He is well known for parts in films: “Svoy sredi chuzhikh, chuzhoy sredi svoikh / At Home Among Strangers, Stranger Among Friends ”, “Raba luybvi / Slave of love”, “Sibiriada”, “Pyat’ vecherov / Five evenings”, “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Hound of Baskervilles”, “Rodnya / My folks”, “Master and Margaret”, “12”, “Domovoy / Brownie” etc.

«Emmy» Award winner and a host of other multiple prizes, director and producer of Lebanese origin, now lives and works in Los Angeles (USA). He is an executive and program director in Monaco Charity Film Festival, founder of the International Film Festival in Lagos (Nigeria). In the 80 years he was a regular member of the jury of the Paris International Film Festival of sci-fi films, one of the leading genre film festivals in the world, which, at the time, opened the world famous directors like Steven Spielberg, Sam Raimi, Joe Dante and many others. He is also a board member of the Student Short Film Festival at the University of Notre Dame (Lebanon)
Directed and Produced over 35 features between Europe, Africa, Middle East & the USA, most of them Award-Winning Films at various International Film Festivals: Cannes, Cairo, Carthage, Teheran, Moscow, Milan….
His movies have always been socially and politically minded with a Hollywood flair. His Documentaries are a cry for freedom and justice – no matter what side you’re on!

One of the founders of the French Production Company «Arts Premiers» (Paris, France), member and president of Producers Club, member of the French Academy «Cesar», the Media Club and the European Film Academy. Short films «Catharsis» and «505 grams» which he produced were awarded at the Cannes Film Festival (UniFrance), at the International Film Festival in Switzerland, at the International Film Festival in Miami etc.

Film critic and author of numerous articles published in magazines: «Cinema Art», «Premier», «Kino Forum», «Séance», «Kinopark», «Drugoye Kino», «Tatlin», also in popular magazines, encyclopedias and scientific collections. He is a Member of the International Federation of Film Press – FIPRESCI and the International Organization NETPAC. Worked at FIPRESCI Jury Board at the Film Festivals in Kiev, Moscow, Fribourg, Turin, Cairo. Laureate of the Russian Guild of Film Critics.

Director, screenwriter, producer, Honorary Cinematographer of Russia, Honored Artist of Sakha Republic (Yakutia), member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Russia «Golden Eagle», member of the Russian Academy of Motion Picture Arts «Nika», member of Russian Directors Guild. He was one of the founders of National Film Company “Sakha Film”. One of the organizers of Days of Yakut Cinema in Yakutsk, Moscow, Khabarovsk, Saint-Petersburg, in Kazan, Mirnyi and also the first Film Festival of Arctic and Eurasian. Worked as a second director of the film “Reka/River” with Alexey Balabanov. He directed several films devoted to Yakut culture: “Middle World”, “Uraankhai Sakha”, “Silis tardyyta (Roots)”, “Shaman’s dreams” etc.


Merited artist of Russia, art critics, culture expert, director of the Russian Culture Studies Institute (1989-2013), member of the Russian Academy of Art Critics, Program Director at Moscow International Film Festival, member of Consulting Committee at International Audiovisual Observatory. He is an author and leader of TV program “Kult Kino/Cinema Cult” on TV Channel “Culture”. The author of 14 monographs and over 600 scientific articles in Art and Cinema History, Culture Studies. He was awarded the medal and the title of «Chevalier of Arts and Literature» (France).

He is the co-founder of REC International Film Festival of Tarragona (Spain) in 2001 and is its Art Director since 2006. Nowadays he works as film and video curator, and his job is focus in young filmakers and the blur edges between art and filmmaking. He made exhibitions and programs in China, Israel, Russia, Germany, Brazil or USA, collaborating with institutions as Cineteca Nacional de Mexico or Instituto Cervantes. He was Jury in festivals in Hongary, Italy, SouthAfrica or most recently in Berlinale (Section Generation). Since 2011 is «Spanish-language film adivsor» for Tallinn Black Nights (PÖFF, Estonia), and programs for ‘Per Estrenar’ – an independent film distribution line for non-profit theatres in Spain. As a specialist of Latin films in Estonia (Tallinn’s Black Nights), he enjoys to do the way back and bring Eastern Europe films to Spain and Latin America, as his recent program «Animatsioon» in Cineteca Nacional de México.

Film critic. Worked and cooperated with magazines: “Seance”, “Afisha”, “TimeOut”, “Russian Reporter”; newspapers: “Vedomosti”, “Kommersant”: internet portals: Openspace, Colta.ru, Cinemateka, Cloudcinema. He is a curator of Culture Programs at Intellectual Book Shop “Poryadok Slov/ Word Order”, Program Director at Russian-German Cinema Forum in Hamburg, curator of Independent Russian Films Festival “Offside”, author of radio program about cinema on Neva-FM.

Promo-producer at the company “Marins Group Entertainment” and film studio “Muravey Production / Ant Production”. Author and director of internet project “Kinologistika”. Currently works with international sales and release of the movie “Viy 3D”. As a director made feature films “Tropa Smerti / Death Path”, “Tropa Smerti 2 / Death Path 2” and shorts “Kinoman”, “Kofe po Vensky / Vienna Coffee”, “Almass”.

Member of Journalists Union of Russia, head of creative union “Vecher / Evening” at National Broadcasting Company “Sakha”. Her professional activity was always interrelated with cinema: a leader of programs about cinema on “Lena TV” – “Cinema bis”, “Sputnik kino / Cinema sputnik”, on radio station “RIM” – “Chas Luny / Moon Hour” etc. Author, editor, founder of TV program “Kinozavod” on NBC “Sakha”. Worked as Jury Board member at local Film Festivala “Cinmea without barriers”, “My Yakutsk”, “Tobul”. Author of many film reviews, articles devoted to bright events and persons from cinema world.