YIFF, 2016


Director, screenwriter, producer, actor

Born on May 16, 1953 in Daegu, Korea. Graduated from Yonsei University in 1976, majored in Business Administration B.A. Worked in Hyundai Corporation Kenya office, and was a visiting professor at San Jose State University, U.S.A. Was the C.E.O. of Bae Chang-ho Production Co., Ltd. and Professor at Konkuk University.
Chairman of Jury, Grand Bell (Dae Jong) Film Awards 2015
Chairman of Jury, Seoul International Agape Film Festival 2016
Holds many international awards, including Philadelphia Film Festival (USA), Udine Far East Film Festival (Italy), Asian Pacific Film Festival, and Benodet International Film Festival (France).

KIRSI TYKKYLÄINEN Actress, producer, film critic, diplomat
Graduated from the University of Helsinki, Master of Arts.
For many years, she has been well known as a longtime organizer of Finnish cinema festivals and screenings of Russian films in Finland; she also is a member of a rock band Leningrad Cowboys.
Actress in Aki Kaurismäki films, played in a number of guest roles in Aki’s films, as well as the leading character role in the movie ‘Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatiana’ (1994).
She starred in Alexander Rogozhkin’s film ‘Peculiarities of National Fishing’.
She worked at the University of Helsinki, was one of the directors of the Finnish Film Foundation, a diplomat at the Embassy of Finland in Moscow, and managed the Finnish Cultural Centre in St. Petersburg.

SIMONE BAUMANN Representative Eastern Europe German Films
Head Producer Documentaries, Saxonia Entertainment

Simone Baumann is working in the film production for more as 20 years and has produced many documentaries and feature films. Now she is the head of the documentary department of Saxonia Entertainment GmbH. From 1997-2010, she was managing director of the independent production company LE VISION. She is an experienced co-producer, and one of Europe’s leading experts on Russia, the former Eastern bloc, and their audiovisual markets. In addition to her production work, Simone has been working as the GERMAN FILMS Eastern Europe representative since 2005. She also supervised numerous feature film productions in the former Soviet Union as an executive producer and consultant. Simone Baumann is also a founding member of the Russian-German Film Academy and has been a board member of the German Documentary Producer’s association since 2003.

PAVEL BARDIN Director, scrreenwriter, producer
Born in 1975 in Moscow.
Graduated from the Department of Journalism of Moscow State University, majoring in TV journalism (1998); then graduated Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors as a Director of Films and Television (A. Mitta workshop, 2000). He worked as a journalist of news and analytical programs on RTR, TV-6, NTV (1992-2000), chief editor of ‘Izvestiya-Media’ (2000-2002), ‘Today at 22:00’ TV news show and ‘Svoboda Slova’ talk show on NTV (2003).
Director and writer of ‘Russia 88’, ‘Gop-Stop’, ‘Salam Maskva’ films. Winner of the First Award at St. Anna Debut and Student Films Festival for the ‘Hero’ film (1999), prize at the 8th ‘Kinoshock’ Festival for the screenplay of ‘Grizzly’ film (1999), winner of Silver Archer National PR-Awards (2002) and etc.

Born in 1986 in the village of Borogontsy (Yakutia). Graduated St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television (N. Obukhovich workshop).
Today Mikhail Lukachevsky is one of the most famous film directors from Yakutia. His films have always been standing out for authentic perspective, well recognizable author’s style. Mikhail Lukachevsky’s films are often selected to Russian and international film festivals, giving the world a glimpse of distant and mysterious Yakutia, traditions and life of northerners living at the far side of the globe.
Mikhail successfully participated in a number of Russian and international film festivals, including the 15th ImagineNATIVE International Film Festival of Indigenous Peoples of the world in Canada (2014), where he won the Best Drama Award for ‘Uryung Kyun’ / ‘White Day’ film.


Dr. Gulnara Abikeyeva, known Kazakh film critic and film researcher.

In 2001-2002 she was a Fulbright scholar at Bowdoin College, read lectures in Pittsburgh University and made presentation in Harvard, Yale, Tafts Universities in USA. She is the author of ten books about cinema, mostly about Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries. First book was New Kazakh Cinema (1998), next – Cinema of Central Asia: 1990-2001 was awarded by “White Elephant” award of Gild of film critics of Russia as the best book about cinema of the year published in CIS. The book Nation-Building in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian States, and How This Process is Reflected in Cinematography’ (2006) was awarded by national prize “Kulager” as the best book of 2007 in Kazakhstan.
Since 2005 to 2013 she was an artistic director of the International Film Festival Eurasia in Almaty. During different years she made film magazines Asia-kino, Territoriya Kino as editor-in-Chief, TV programmes about Kazakh cinema.

MARINA RAZBEZHKINA Director, screenwriter, producer, and Director of Documentary Films and Theater School (together with M. Ugarov), CEO of Marina Razbezhkina Studio, LLC.
Born in Kazan. In 1971 she graduated from the Philology Department of Kazan State University. Since 2004 has been teaching directing of documentary films.
Author of more than 30 documentaries and two feature films. Awards winner of numerous Russian and international film festivals.
Winner of the Lavr National Award.
Member of Cinema Union, Guild of Documentary Cinema and Television, Nika Russian Academy of Cinema Arts, and European Film Academy.

Born in Yakutsk in 1976.
Graduated from Saint Petersburg State University of Film and Television with a degree in directing documentary films (V.F. Semenyuk workshop) in 2004.
Worked in the Sakha National Broadcasting Company as assistant director, and director of television programs.
Winner of the Grand Prix of ‘Piterkit’ St. Petersburg Student Film Festival (‘Illyuzion’, 2004), a special prize for the best script at ‘Zvezda’ Patriotic Films Festival (Moscow, 2005), a prize for the Best Documentary at Cinema of the Arctic Festival in Yakutsk (‘Anthem of the Departing’, 2011).
He is a teacher of special disciplines in the Yakutsk College of Culture and Arts for the students of Photo & Video Department.